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French Olympiad 2024 practice e-books are being published and will soon be available to the registered students.


French Olympiad is grateful to francophone countries which have provided support and encouragement to the students learning French in India.

French, language of the five continents

French is spoken in the five continents and is among the most loved languages in the world. Today, it is richer with the influence of different cultures of francophone countries.

Messages of encouragement from Francophone Embassies

Embassy of Tunisia

Dear friends, We would like to thank all team of French Olympiad for making great efforts to support French language learning in India. Tunisia, the country that will host the next session of the Francophone Summit, supports all these initiatives. The Coronavirus have imposed new challenges and patterns of living, it affected the simplest moments in our daily life, going to school and meeting friends every morning is no longer a daily routine. Seeing the smiles of our beloved ones has become difficult behind the masks. But there are always opportunities to adapt and learn from these circumstances. History has shown that the most innovative work is done under the most stressing and uncommon circumstances. Now is a great opportunity for out-of-the-box thinking, innovating beyond the obvious and realizing the impossible. One beautiful day the pandemic will be over and we all want to be in great shape then. We are certain that we will overcome these challenging times together. In the meantime, we wish you, your teams and your loved ones health and safety.

Embassy of the Republic of Niger

I would like to thank you most sincerely, all the team of French Olympiad. Please, allow me to congratulate you for that. We are very happy to learn it. I wish you all the success and thank you for all your efforts, despite this difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic. I also wish you good health and safety, and every success for the new year.

French Olympiad provided me a platform to showcase my competence in French language. Winning the prize at the national level came as a pleasant surprise.​
Saurabh V. Mehta
NLE Winner 2018
Thanks a tonne for organising the French Olympiad. It gave a chance to experience a competition directing the youth for future preparation. It also gave me a chance to dive deep into French culture that appeared enigmatic to me earlier.
Sayyam Garg
NLE Winner 2019

Happy Students

Since 2012, thousands of students have participated in French Olympiad by E&B.

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